Attention FSBOs! Why You Need a REALTOR


Get More Exposure for Your Property

Your home must be listed by a REALTOR® in order to be included in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS a massive database of homes, that is now available to the public in most states via the Internet. According to the National Association of REALTORS® the majority of buyers find their REALTOR® and their home using the MLS. Statistics show 86% of buyers use a real estate agent during their search, 75% of buyers bought their home with the assistance of a REALTOR®, and 83% of sellers sold their home with the assistance of a REALTOR®*. Most REALTORS® are hesitant to show buyers “for sale by owner” (FSBO) properties because they risk not getting paid. Why limit yourself to the small percentage of buyers not using a REALTOR®?
Save Valuable Time
The process of attracting buyers, being available to show your house, providing property disclosures and making the sale requires many hours of work. In addition, if you are not well versed in writing real estate contracts you risk having legal issues. Why spend your valuable time when a REALTOR® can do it for you and do it more efficiently? They are well worth the fee you pay at closing.
REALTORS® Price Your Home Competitively
Sellers may be aware of a few nearby homes that have sold, but they don't have access to the area market data nor do they possess any professional knowledge of real estate transactions. A REALTOR® will utilize a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) which is an invaluable tool when pricing property.
Contracts and Disclosures
A REALTOR® knows how to complete the required contracts, forms and disclosure statements necessary for each sales transaction. All of the legal documents must be completed properly and in a timely manner. REALTORS® are very familiar with the process and can ensure it goes smoothly. You can also take advantage of an agent's expertise to make sure that you don't sign anything that is not in your best interest and prevent legal trouble after the sale. Nearly one third of FSBO sellers felt understanding and completing the necessary paperwork was the most difficult task when selling a home themselves*.

Make More Profit with a REALTOR®

It pays to use a real estate agent! A typical FSBO home sold for $175,000 when sold by a REALTOR®, compared to $145,000 when sold by the owner*. Even with a commission, the seller made significantly more money.
Insulate Yourself from Potential Buyers
Sellers have an emotional attachment to their home and may only emphasize the features they consider most desirable. However, as trained professional, a REALTOR® is more attuned to the buyers' needs and will highlight the most appealing features to each buyer. A REALTOR® also insulates you from potential buyers who try and under cut your price. Plus, many buyers feel intimidated when dealing directly with the seller.
A REALTOR® Qualifies Buyers with Pre-Approvals from a Lender
Using a REALTOR® can save you the headache of dealing with unqualified buyers. REALTORS® are experienced in dealing with pre-qualifications and can help you avoid wasting time in negotiations with buyers who cannot afford your home. Buyers seek assistance with obtaining a mortgage that best suits their needs. A REALTOR® is associated with a multitude of lenders and can help expedite the sale process by assisting a buyer with appropriate financing.
REALTORS® are Experienced Negotiators
Many sellers are hesitant to bargain with buyers or are just uncomfortable with negotiating. REALTORS® are experienced negotiators and can be a powerful ally when negotiating a contract with a prospective buyer. Your REALTOR® will help you obtain the highest price for your property, review all of the terms and conditions stated in the contract, assist you with inspection reports and coordinate all the closing details.

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