Selling Your Home? Add Appeal with a Few Simple Touches

A few simple touches can make a powerful impact in the eyes of potential buyers. But not to worry -- these quick projects are easy -- and affordable -- to tackle before putting your home on the market.

#1 You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

As soon as a potential buyer turns into your driveway, the selling process begins. Make sure your lawn is well-manicured and the entry to your home is clean and clutter-free. If paint is beginning to chip from shutters and siding, add a quick coat of paint -- you'll be surprised at what a difference it can make. Always check your gutters and also wash your windows -- inside and out. To add a nice touch to your entryway, add a seasonal pot of flowers or plants near the front door -- it will welcome guests right from the start.

#2 Clean, Clean, Clean

No matter how nice your home is, if it's dusty and cluttered, potential buyers will remember the clutter -- not the quality underneath. Clean up all areas -- from the baseboards of the kitchen to the blades of your ceiling fans. If time is of the essence, hire professional cleaners to get your home ready in time for selling. For a minimal cost, a team of professionals can scrub your entire house in no time.

#3 Fix Drips and Burnt Out Bulbs

If you're annoyed by a faucet that keeps drip-drip-dripping, just think what potential buyers will think of the situation. Be sure to repair leaking or worn-out faucets to give your bathroom a new look. Likewise, check all lamps and light fixtures to ensure they are in proper working order.

#4 Bathrooms and Kitchens Sell Homes -- Make them Shine!

According to Senior Product Manager Jennifer Rowell of Creative Specialties International, a division of Moen, the two areas potential buyers check out first are bathrooms and kitchens. But don't fret -- these two rooms are also some of the easiest to fix up. In the kitchen start with simple jobs -- clean off countertops, hide waste containers and make sure all of your appliances are freshly cleaned. In the bath, Rowell recommends checking and repairing damaged caulking in the bath tub and shower, washing floor mats and rugs and placing fresh towels on towel bars and rings.

#5 Update Your Accessories for a Fresh Look in the Bath

While you're in the bathroom, a simple way to give it a fresh, new look is by updating the accessories. “Replacing items such as towel rings, towel bars and paper holders can dramatically change the appearance of your bath with minimal expense,” says Rowell. In fact, for less than $100, you can install an entire set of new bath accessories. To complement a country-themed bath, Creative Specialties International's new Emery collection of bath accessories is the ideal choice. Featuring charmingly fresh styling with soft beaded detail, the line is available in a complete suite of products -- from robe hooks and towel rings to towel bars and an innovative pivoting paper holder. The company also makes a number of accessory lines in modern and traditional themes to compliment any bath.

Make sure your bathroom is also free of clutter -- lots of toiletries and bottles sitting on the sink and countertop makes the room appear smaller. If you don't have a large medicine cabinet to store these items, Rowell suggests installing a shelf or two. Many of Creative Specialties International's lines of themed bath accessories include glass shelves that are perfect for such use.

#6 A Little Bit of Light Goes a Long Way

Homebuyers don't want a dark and dreary home -- they want one filled with a lot of light and sunshine. Be sure to dust blinds and wash curtains so they are fresh and bright, and if your curtains are outdated; consider replacing them with inexpensive blinds. Before hosting an open house, open blinds and pull back curtains so your house is bright and cheery.

#7 Get Rid of Excess Furniture

You might like that extra chair and ottoman in the family room, but to a potential home buyer it could look crowded. Keep only necessary furniture on hand and place any extra pieces in an off-site storage facility. (Don't place too many things in an attic or crawl space, as home buyers are looking for storage space, too.)

#8 Organize Cabinets and Closets

Speaking of storage space, make sure your cabinets and closets are clean and free of unnecessary items. The better organized your closets and cabinets are, the larger they will appear to potential home buyers. But if you simply can't find room for certain items, such as your perfumes and toiletries in the bath, consider installing a glass shelf. Many shelves, such as the Emery glass shelf from Creative Specialties International, are available in beautiful Old World finishes, including polished nickel and antique nickel, to complement lighting, faucets and other products available in these on-trend finishes.

#9 Paint the Perfect Scene

Nothing says “fresh” like a new coat of paint. Painting is one of the most affordable -- and beneficial -- ways to spruce up your home. Start with the most used areas of your home, such as the family room, kitchen and bathroom, and use neutral colors that will open up these rooms. If you can't paint in time for selling, you can still make a difference by washing walls and simply touching up areas that might have chips or scratches. Likewise, consider adding a wallpaper border to freshen a room's décor.

#10 Set the Mood to Buy

Finally, make your house feel like a home. Welcome potential buyers with fresh flowers in key focal areas, or place scented potpourri in the bathrooms. For a special touch, bake fresh bread or simply place refrigerated cinnamon rolls in the oven to give your home a welcoming aroma reminiscent of holiday baking.

In sprucing up your home, remember that home buyers aren't looking for plasma TV screens and brand-new furniture. Rather, they are looking for a home that has been carefully maintained and cared for. A little bit of “TLC” goes a long way -- so give your home the extra effort -- it will be well worth your time and energy.

For more information on accessory products available from Creative Specialties International, write 25300 Al Moen Drive, North Olmsted, OH 44070-8022, call toll free (800) 882-0116, or visit their Web site at

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